Ecopiedra and Natural Stone

What is Ecopiedra?

Ecopiedra is a range of exceptionally high quality artificial panels that are cut with a flat back for widespread easy use to cover interior or exterior walls, floors and facades in both domestic and commercial premises. The moulded panels are lightweight, self-supporting and virtually indistinguishable from natural stone.

Why choose Ecopiedra?

Ecopeidra products offer a highly versatile solution for modern day properties. They are often used to complement existing natural stone features and structures or to add gravitas and a sense of historic character to modern buildings with an elegant and rustic finish. Ecopiedra comes in a broad range of visually stunning stone, brick and paving effects which can be installed and integrated into virtually any building project. Ecopiedra panels also provide a highly cost-efficient alternative to fitting natural stone tiles because the cost of materials and labour to install Ecopiedra is usually significantly less and for a limited budget can provide a very grand effect.


Ecopiedra is quick and easy to install and typically comes as panelled pieces between 10 and 12.5cm in height and up to 50cm in length which are designed to form a joint-less installation. The panels can be cut by saw to fit the exact dimensions required and so the installation process significantly less intensive than using natural stone.

Ecopiedra is simple to apply to a clean and prepared concrete or masonry surface. Once the surface is covered in a level layer of adhesive cement, the panels are then double bonded by applying the adhesive cement to the back of them, placed into position before being struck with a rubber mallet to secure them to the surface and shims are then used to maintain the joint spaces and create uniformity. Once bonded in position the shims can be removed and mortar is applied to fill the joints between the panels. When dry the excess is then brushed away from the joints to achieve a more rustic result and effective finish.

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