Cleaning & Restoration

Have your stone surfaces lost their lustre?

If your tiling and surfaces are showing the signs of deterioration from wear and tear, or have been damaged somehow, this something we are able to help you with.

Bring back the gleam, sparkle and finesse!

Checkalow’s cleaning and restoration service can rejuvenate stone surfaces that are either jaded by the effect of general wear and tear from simple day-to-day usage over a period of time, or have been damaged in some way. We have extensive experience of restoring tiling and surfaces with damage caused by; the onset of weathering, water damage, lime scale build up, surface scratches, cracking and all other types of damage or deterioration. With over 30 years in the business, we bring a wealth of knowledge of the materials and products that we supply and you will find few people as able and qualified to clean, restore and refurbish your tiling and surfaces.

Restoration is a highly skilled job and our team of fully trained cleaning and restoration specialists are able to fully clean and restore all aspects of porcelain, Victorian, natural stone, marble, granite, slate and terracotta tiling without the use of harsh abrasives and acids which can damage and destroy your surfaces. Depending on the nature and extent of the tiling to be cleaned and restored, we can chemically clean, grind, polish, refurbish, replace and reseal your surfaces to bring them back to their former glory. Please speak to a member of our team to discuss the nature of the tile cleaning or restoration required and arrange for a visit and quotation.

For more information on our cleaning and restoration services and free friendly advice please speak to a member of our dedicated team.